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Staying in the leadership lane

Updated: Mar 27

Yes there is some crossover between leadership and management, but not to the point where as our business grows, we can be both leader and manager.

In a small business there will be a time where we provide the inspiration and manage the allocation of tasks. As the business grows, so does the need to seperate the leadership and management functions. Why is that?

Because when we see the bigger picture but still mange the details, we won't be able to seperate direction from the task. Staying in the detail as a leader is stressful not only for us, but also for our staff. They will wonder if we are thinking strategically out loud, or did we just give them an instruction. Staff managed by a leader will always question their remit.

A leader who stays in the detail will be ineffective. A leader who inspires others and invites the team in to the vision and strategic direction of the organisation will be more successful.

Why doesn't this happen in so many organisations? There are many reasons but the biggest one is trust. Leaders who meddle in the detail will either directly or indirectly be directive on how things should be done. Leadership should be more concerned with the outcome, and leave the what and how to the team they spend time inspiring, encouraging, coaching and most of all believing in.

A Leader realises there are multiple ways of achieving the desired outcome and accepts that those who have bought in to the vision and strategic plan will work that out. Sure accountability is essential. The accountability to a manager is the job done, and to a high standard. Accountability to a leader is, we are on track and holding true to the values of the organisation.

We may own the business and think we are the best leader, but some business owners are better managers. Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve and put the right people in the right roles. Work out who you are and stay in your lane.

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