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Heading in the right direction

Updated: Mar 27

Goal setting is fine, but a step in the right direction doesn't feel quite so unachievable.

Setting goals actually works for some people, but for many that is not the case. The distance between now and what we are aiming for can sometimes feel too big. Aim high, reach for the stars, we know the gig.

What works better for many people is knowing we are heading in the right direction and simply taking another step. Small steps in the right direction will produce big change. Those small steps can be likened to a healthy diet, rather than going on a diet. Change how we eat so that it becomes a lifestyle rather than eat differently for a period and then going back to how we were.

Achieving what we want in our business is the same. It is important that we know what we want to achieve. When we do, our behaviour changes to line up with what we want, where we want to be and even who we want to be.

Strategic planning is necessary to provide a blueprint to measure small those steps and identify if they are going in the right direction. It can be anything and it can be simple. A response to someone, deciding to say no to something that will distract us or taking a risk. If the next step feels like it is taking us where we want to be, take it. If it feels like it is keeping us in the same old loop, stop and think about our strategic plan and then take the step.

It sounds so simple or even simplistic, but thinking about our behaviour in line with what we want to achieve is life changing. Repeat behaviour produces repetitive results.

Make a choice today, will we repeat or evolve?

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