• Steve Doughty

Creating an environment for success

We can't create success without focusing on the actions that will bring it about. So a focus on our actions rather than on results is more likely to lead us where we want to get to.

Being results driven can promote an unwanted human toll in the achievement of the goals we set. Going from win to win in a commercial setting takes a lot of energy and can be a source of stress. It can lead to poor decision making for short term gains, and it resembles a finish line rather than the race itself.

Don't get me wrong, crossing the line is important, but it is everything that happens in the preparation is what gets us there. We can't really create success. Success is something that grows out of an environment that is set up to be successful. Thinking about culture, the value of people, where everyone fits, and what impact those people are having on the environment we are creating is vital to being successful.

Some of the things that are important to good business are; clear vision, solid strategy, good systems, sales growth, having an awesome team, valuing them and making a profit. It all comes down to the environment we create. It is not about the workspace, it is more about the workplace.

Good environment can be measured by things like the freedom to express your ideas, right or wrong not being a debate, collaborative thinking, enabling, accountability and equality among many other things.

Make the environment a priority and the things you may believe are the priorities will begin to happen. It won't be perfect all the time, a good environment is one that allows mistakes and accepts that things that don't go well are learnings which build good environment.

Just like the earth sits in balance when we focus on the environment, our business is an environment that is sometimes fragile, under attack and sometimes out of balance. Let's not just care for the environment, let's care for our environment.

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