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Your internal culture will impact your client experience. A scan of where you are is important when projecting where you want to be.


Business leadership is a very different prospect to business management.  Success requires knowing the difference.


Key messages are the start, then who are you reaching and how. Then the most important component, how are people responding to you?


Fully understanding how you are doing will create peace of mind, and a platform for a tangible strategy to grow your business.


Goal setting can set you up to fail. Knowing where you are going allows you to take a step at a time in the right direction. It's the journey rather than the destination.


How do we utilise tools better? Matching systems with desired outcomes is not hard and mistakes can be costly.



People who have engaged Steve will tell you he is insightful and articulate with well developed business skills. He is a strategist, able to see the detail and its impact on the bigger picture.


Through many years in senior management, consulting and business ownership, Steve has led numerous business growth successes.


He will give you a below the surface view of your business with a level of reality you will find reassuring. 

Steve Doughty

Your business is a series of connected people, methods, products, services, priorities and much more. They all interact and rely on each other, so when it all comes together, it is a symphony. How often is it all coming together for you? Are you dealing with a well oiled machine or is there a noise somewhere that you can't quite identify?

Running a business like a machine (high on function and low on relationship) can cause an imbalance to develop. Function and relationship with your team, clients and others involved is a critical mix. A people first environment is the incubator of success.

We think nothing of getting our car serviced regularly or fixing it as soon as we suspect something is not right. We don't often do the same with our business and there could be some limiting factors that are not immediately apparent.

If you think your business could, or should be doing better, a no obligation chat with us could be the beginning of making that happen. We can often see a way forward that is not obvious from the inside. So often though, the solution lies within, you and your team can usually see the issues and the solutions. Our skill is getting that to the surface and putting a strategy around it.

Managing risk versus opportunity is a challenge, that is why we offer a risk and cost free first session to see if we both think Doughty Consulting has what you need.






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